Primula Malacoides


My mom, my sister, and I went to the Muttart on Thursday because we were looking for new flowers to write about. The flower I am writing about is called Primula Malacoides, I found this flower in my favorite biom, the feature biom.


Primula Malacoides are low-growing flowers that that grow best in filtered sunlight, and are house plants. They are from the Primulaceae family. That includes a lot of other plants, such as the auricula, cowslip, oxlip, and the primrose. Primula Malacoides come in lots of colors like: red, white, purple, pink, and yellow.


These types of flowers come from the temperate Northern Hemisphere of the tropical mountains in Ethiopia, New Guinea, and Indonesia. Also in the temperate

southern South America. Many species adapted to the alpine climates. The Perennial

primulas are flowers that mostly bloom in the Spring.


Primula Malacoides are beautiful flowers, that's why I chose them. These flowers are great to put in your house. I would put a pink flower in my bedroom,and a purple one in my living room. Also I would have lots of white flowers in my house, in rooms like my dinning room, my kitchen, and at my front door. You could do so many things with this flower or any flower, like making crafts, or making pretty flower arrangements

you could even just put them in your garden. Look for more flower articles here there will be lots more.